Four Tips for Cleaning Your Shower and Your Basin


If you, like me are a real hygiene freak you’ll only truly understand the total sanitation that you desire when you have a clean shower, after all a clean shower helps a clean body.

Just like any other part of the home it is important to clean the shower regularly, just because you clean yourself in it doesn’t mean that it cleans itself.

One – It’s generally best to start at the top and work your way down when cleaning the shower. Cleaning the walls with a product specifically designed for the job is best. If you have any particularly stubborn stains then you can douse these with vinegar and sprinkle a little baking powder on-top, leave for 10-15 minutes and that stain will wash & wipe away easily. You can use a spare toothbrush to clean in-between any cracks you might have, under the taps etc anywhere that requires it. Don’t forget to wash the walls down with warm water afterwards.

Two – Now that you’ve done the shower walls it’s time to wash the shower floor. If you’re lucky enough to have a tiled shower floor then feel free to use a tile cleaner on that and then rinse down afterwards. shower floor cleaner It’s a good idea to dry the flooring down with some spare rags, this’ll help lift up any excess dirt that may have been trapped and it’ll buff the floor clean.

Three – If you already haven’t had a chance to clean the faucets or any glass that you may have for the shower now is a good time to do so, again it’s best to use some vinegar here, I use one part vinegar and three parts water to do this job, it always comes up spotless and gleaming! Scrubbing any seals and around the base of the faucets and overflow hole. It’s a good idea to pour some bleach or drainage solution down the plug hole at this point to clear that away and stop it from getting blocked.

Four – As we’ve cleaned the shower we may as well clean the basin while we’re on the go! A good way to clean the sink is to use our water and vinegar mix to remove any stains and then flush the bowl out with hot water, cleaning the faucets the same way we cleaned the ones on the shower.

It doesn’t take long to clean the shower and sink and once you get into the swing of doing things you can get into a regular habit of doing so, it’ll make your bathing and personal hygiene experiences a lot more enjoyable because of it.

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